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About the API

This killboard allows access to it's killmail database through a so-called RESTful API. This is important because:

  • Not everyone has access to the Perpetuum API.
  • In case 'main' killboards go down, such as perp-kill.net, all remaining killboards (i.e. those set up by corporations) can be kept up to date through trusted API's.

How the API can be used (some experience with web development might be required):

  1. The API can be found at http://killboard.sequer.nl/?a=api.
  2. Communication is done using GET parameters. Make sure to urlencode.
  3. Output can be xml, json or phpserialize. Specify with format GET parameter (i.e. http://killboard.sequer.nl/?a=api&format=xml).
  4. Operations can be performed using the command GET parameter (i.e. http://killboard.sequer.nl/?a=api&command=getKillReports).
  5. There's currently only one command available: getKillReports. Using an additional since parameter, you can specify from which date killmails to pull. The API returns 100 killmails at most, while indicating how many killmails remain after the shown 100.
Example XML request   Example JSON request   Example phpserialize request