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Kills for July 2017
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Top 3 corporations this month
Top 3 agents this month
  • This month, s were destroyed//
  • 2655 total kills last year//
  • Top agent of last month is with kills//
  • Top corporation of this month is with kills//
  • 0 kills so far this month//
  • Top agent of this month is with kills//
  • Top agent of this year is Doom Beamer with 28 kills//
  • So far, 2853 Waspishes have been destroyed//
  • Top corporation of this year is Dome of York (DoY) with 44 kills//
  • 112 kills so far this year//
  • Top corporation of last year is Pretty Hate Machine (PHM) with 580 kills//
  • Top corporation of last month is with kills//
  • This year, 2 Arbalest Mk2's were destroyed//
  • Last year, 23 Mesmers were destroyed//
  • Last month, s were destroyed//
  • 0 total kills last month//
  • Top agent of last year is JcJet with 242 kills//
  • 53349 all-time total kills//